Guidance and Education

Trusts and Trustee duties

Further than trust planning and drafting, we provide guidance to trustees in keeping the trust up to date, concerning all aspects, from legal and proper decision making to finalizing financial statements and annual statutory returns, submission of resolutions and alterations to the relevant offices of the Master of the High Court.

The duties of trustees are onerous, and guidance to keep the trust, and its assets safe, and growing, instead of depleting, due to excessive fees, taxes, and commissions on investments are just some of the ongoing guiding principles we convey to our client whom act as trustees, as well as to other interested parties like beneficiaries.

Being party to a trust where there is no legal and fiduciary guidance and compliance, equates to having a motor car with no motor, there is no point, or advantage!


Estate planning and execution

We are proud to act as executors and trustees in the deceased estates of those whom have entrusted the honor of distributing and protecting the assets which they have toiled to accumulate during their lifetime, to those whom they wish.

We always afford our clients the opportunity to negotiate the often hidden or unknown executors fees, beforehand, and stipulate the fees in their will at the time of drafting, as opposed to the beneficiaries having to sacrifice a larger than anticipated fee, at the finalization of the estate.

Wills are drafted, taking into account, the Estate duty, Capital Gains Tax, Income Tax, Executors fees and other duties and fees, like Masters fees, leaving the client with a clear picture of exactly what their estate consists of, and the expenses and deductions in their deceased estate.

Estates and the loss of a loved one are emotional subjects, and we pride ourselves in providing guidance to those whom should benefit, in an expeditious and professional manner.

We task ourselves with all responsibilities related to the estate, from assistance with completion of Life Insurance and Life assurance Death Claim form and documents, and collection of information from Doctors, Hospitals, the Police, Retirement and Employee benefit funds, banks and other financial institutions, to the calculation, completion and submission of all Income tax, and other statutory documentation to the relevant government and other statutory institutions, without delay.


CIPC registration is not enough

Our clients are educated in the importance of good corporate governance, as opposed to just being left to their own devices when it comes to the registration and administration of their companies.

We are not just clerks whom collect, collate, and submit information.

We proudly provide advice, and guidance on the management principles, instill pride in the collective decision making which comes with the responsibility of being a director or shareholder of a company, and guide and provide board meeting and company resolution guidance every step of the way.

Have you replaced your outdated Articles of Association with a mandatory MOI (Memorandum of Incorporation), as required by the New Companies Act of 2008? If not, we will draft this in consultation with your board of Directors and Board of Shareholders, and submit it to the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC), on your behalf.

Did you know, being a director, does NOT automatically make you a shareholder of your company? Address this by us assisting you to bring your company register up to date, this alone, could save a fortune in Capital Gains tax and even Estate Duties

Amongst others, the New Companies Act of 2008, and the Tax Administration Bill of 2011, places the responsibilities, and liabilities of a company squarely in the hands of the directors, so a decision by your fellow directors, even without your knowledge, could place your personal assets at risk!

All Statutory and professional body registrations, and returns, including Workmans Compensation, Unemployment Fund and annual CIPC Returns, are taken care of.

Let us assess the risk, and provide the solutions, to keep your company safe, legal, compliant, and profitable.

Tax and Tax Planning

Not only is it your right, it is your duty, to protect your income.

Just like you do not just pay the highest possible interest rate on a loan from a bank, you need not just be complacent to pay as much tax as possible.

Every taxpayer has the right to plan, and structure their income, salary, business income, investment income, pension, annuity income, Capital investments, and other income, legally, ethically, and within

the confines of existing law, to be as tax effective as possible.

One of the secrets of tax planning, is planning ahead, hindsight, nearly always bring clarity, without reparation.

We always provide clear, concise, effective and legal Income Tax, Capital Gains tax, Donations Tax, Value Added tax (VAT) and Income Tax advice and solutions, giving our clients the opportunity to save while fairly providing their portion to the fiscal authorities, and society.

More often than not, a warning ignored, is a liability incurred.

As professional, registered Tax Practitioners, we accept the responsibility to keep our clients tax compliant, whilst removing the time consuming, tedious, and sometimes overwhelming tasks, of correctly calculating and submitting statutory tax, Income Tax, including Provisional Tax, Donations Tax, and VAT Returns on behalf of our clients.